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Local Fresh Produce and Sustainably Grown

Ladang Fig Taiping is the first fig farm ever cultivated in Taiping. Figs are unique fruit packed with an abundance of nutritional values which has economic significance. It is known for its value since ancient times and is now widely spread throughout the globe for its fruit and ornamental plant. 

Started with 198 fig perennial trees from 11 types of fig varieties, Ladang Fig Taiping continuously expanding by adding more fig trees from different varieties

Professional Agricultural Consultation Service

The quality of our figs is part of our success story. Our farm, on the other hand, highlights the story of perseverance, dedication and knowledge. Based on our experience and expertise, we provide a professional agricultural consultation service that helps set up farms and orchards, including formulating the right SOP in fertilization and pest control and increasing the yield and more. In addition, our own formulated fertilizer is tested and proven to produce a high yield for farms.

The consultation service is designed to cultivate interest through evidence-based coaching. We will also provide you with saplings that come from highly productive parent trees. This is because we are fully aware that high-quality figs create high-quality fig products.  

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To lead the development of modern and sustainable agriculture.


We are the provider of agricultural products and services solutions

To ensure Malaysians know and enjoy the benefits of fig at all time

To grow the best quality of figs for our customers

To produce the finest quality of fig products that benefit and suit the Malaysian taste bud